Home Top News Red and conceded goal at Fort: Bayern 3-1

Red and conceded goal at Fort: Bayern 3-1

Red and conceded goal at Fort: Bayern 3-1

Red and conceded goal at Fort: Bayern 3-1

Bayern Munich Bayern Munich

Alfonso Davis (R) claps after winning with Lucas Hernandez (L). Next up is Joshua Kimmich. Photo: Daniel Kerman / dpa

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FC Bayern won exceptionally without a goal from Robert Lewandowski. With 3: 1 at Fort, the Munich team took the lead in the table.

FEarth (DPA) – Julian Knoglesman happily praised the unhappy Bayern stars, who stayed with the miserable Robert Lewandowski.

Munich beat SPVG Krutherford 3: 1 (2: 0), but the World Cup goalkeeper’s goal line-up broke after 15 consecutive games. Nakelsmann from the cabin said Lewandowski did not take it lightly. “He’s very greedy and wants to score, but we know he wants more balls in the game.” However, if they are high in number, it is difficult for a striker.

Football World Champion Benjamin Powert defeated Series Champion (48th). “Annoying,” Knucklesman said, “a proper red card.” The Frenchman was the last man to arrive late. This disrupted Lewandowski’s plans.

Lewandowski comes out empty-handed

Poland may have scored at least once in a row in their 16th international league match. But this time he came in empty-handed, and this record belongs to Gert Mல்லller. “We hope he meets on Wednesday and then we will all be satisfied again,” Knucklesman said. Munich Dynamo expect Kiev for the first home game of the new Champions League season.

When Powerd saw in red, Knucklesman received a yellow card. “In my eyes there is more yellow for a player who makes hands than a coach,” the coach said. But of course he can be quiet as a coach.

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“High level murmur”

On the return journey overnight on the A9 from Franconia to the Bavarian capital, the Bayern stars can look forward to the next victory and a combined lead in the table. “We’re glad things are going, but we should always take the next step and improve,” Thomas Mல்லller said. “It complains at a high level, but we can still play fluently.” With his 218th goal in an FCB jersey, the Upper Bavarian overtook longtime CEO Carl-Heinz Romney as the third longest accurate Bayern player.

M முller (10th min), Joshua Kimmich (31st) and Fort Sebastian Krisbeck scored their own goals (68th) on Friday evening in front of 11,740 spectators to ensure a successful mood for Kiev. “Right now we’re in a good mood, but we’re not doing all the games with confidence,” Kimmich said. But the result speaks for Bayern.

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