Catch yourself in front of Gotthard and then fly to Mexico?  This is not a problem for a Swiss pioneer in the climate movement

Flying is everyone’s business. Of course not with ordinary people. But when the climate poster speaking against flying gets on a plane himself. Then the relevant organizations stated that this is a “private matter”.

The most recent example is called Max Voegtli. He recently appeared as a spokesperson for “Renovate Switzerland”, a group that likes to cause public traffic jams.

Now Voegtli had it But apparently very urgently to Mexico, for whatever reason. To do this, he first flew from Zurich to Paris. A road that costs no more than four hours by train.

Renew Switzerland described the corresponding reporting of this taboo breach as “media hounding against the climate movement”. As if it didn’t matter at all if people who wanted to prevent the general public from short-haul flights used it themselves in their spare time.

How Voegtli got from Paris to Mexico is not documented. However, it cannot be assumed that he swam.

A few weeks ago, Max Voigtli was still sitting across from Gotthard, blocking motorized traffic. Now that that was done, he apparently had the time and convenience to travel from Zurich to Mexico via Paris. All by plane. with complications of carbon monoxide2– The missions are more than ever before the driver gets to Ticino.

After all, he’s in good company. Louis Klamroth, TV presenter at ARD and life partner of German climate activist Luisa Neubauer, recently found that the road from Cologne to Berlin is too long for a train trip. Here, too, four hours on the train will suffice.

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After all, even the ARD has now noticed how schizophrenic everything is. Showing Klamroth’s “Upper Heart Gallery”. standing before setting. Not least because the “independent” mediator was chosen to be a non-neutral person.


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