Home Top News Looks like Lionel Messi will stay with Barcelona

Looks like Lionel Messi will stay with Barcelona

Looks like Lionel Messi will stay with Barcelona

There may not be much left: Lionel Messi’s father is said to have essentially reached an agreement with FC Barcelona in the negotiations.

Lionel Messi’s new contract with F.C.B It should be close to completion, according to media reports. And Catalan sports newspaper Esportio wrote on Wednesday that the club plans to make an announcement this week. Esportiu did not cite sources for this. Not even as to some other detail of the alleged contract that the club and Messi’s father and manager were said to have basically agreed on Monday. As ESPN reported Wednesday that Messi The club had reached an agreement. The announcer relied on unnamed sources.

Messi will be 39 at the end of his contract

The six-time world footballer’s signature is still pending, and the club is still waiting for a reaction from La Liga. According to a report in the Argentine sports newspaper, Ole, Messi himself will spend a few days vacation in Miami after winning his first major title with the Argentine national team.

The Esportiu Report is said to be a new five-year working paper – Messi will be 39 at the end of the decade. He is supposed to forfeit 50 percent of his previous earnings. It is said that his last contract so far brought the Argentine about 500 million euros in four years. According to “Esportio”, the new contract should contain an exit clause of 600 million euros – according to the Spanish “Sport”, it should be at 350 million euros. In Messi’s contract, which expired on June 30, there was a clause for 700 million euros.

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According to Mundo Deportivo, the planned announcement also depends on the Spanish League. The club is said to have expected the green light on Wednesday evening. The background to this is the Financial Fair Play rules at Messi’s approved home. The league sets the upper limits for the total amount allowed for club salaries. It should produce an upper bound on the difference between income and expenditure.

Messi wanted to leave Barcelona in the summer of 2020

That’s why Messi should also get a five-year contract, according to media reports. It is unlikely that he will. He will obviously play until the World Cup at the end of 2022 and therefore the 2022/2023 season will also likely be over. But he will still be owed a salary, like “Mundo deportivo”, if he is appointed ambassador to the United States, where he will likely end his career as a footballer.

Last summer, Messi wanted to leave FC Barcelona after some follies and low sporting strikes like the disastrous 2:8 bankruptcy in the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich. This failed due to the exit clause and the veto of the then president. By the end of his last contract with the club thus far, the two parties were unable to agree on an extension. With 35 titles, 672 goals and 778 games, Messi has already made history at the 121-year-old club whose championship season kicks off on August 15 with a home game against Real Sociedad San Sebastian. (dpa)

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