Home Top News Violent Colorado wildfires – 3 people lost

Violent Colorado wildfires – 3 people lost

Violent Colorado wildfires – 3 people lost

Wildfires broke out in the US state of Colorado a few days ago. So far, destroyed homes have been reported – but now three people are missing.

At least three people are missing after violent wildfires in the US state of Colorado. “Unfortunately, we have three people missing,” Boulder District Police Chief Joe Bailey said at a news conference Saturday (local time). First of all, local Civil protection Spoken by two missing persons. So far, no fatalities have occurred Forest fires reported at the end of the year. There were at least 991 homes in the cities of Superior and Louisville near the capital Denver destroyed.

Aerial images showed streets complete with ashes of homes. Other homes in the neighborhood remained untouched for no apparent reason. Winter forest fires are very uncommon in the region. Much like western United States of America Colorado is experiencing a drought that has made the area vulnerable to wildfires. On Thursday, the fire broke out due to strong winds. On Friday, snowfall stopped the fires from spreading.

Houses were destroyed and covered with snow

Bailey said the scale of the devastation and the ensuing snowfall made the work of the authorities more difficult. “The buildings where the missing people were staying have been completely destroyed and are now covered by about eight inches of snow,” he added.

Investigators say they have not found credible evidence of previous reports that overturned power lines may have caused the fire. However, Bailey stated that some residents may have mistaken the inverted phone lines for power lines. A home search was reported in connection with an investigation into the cause of the fire.

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“It was a fast-moving disaster,” said Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who had previously declared a state of emergency over the fires. “Many families had only minutes to put everything they could – their pets and children – in the car and drive away.” At least 33,000 people were called to flee in Superior and the nearby town of Louisville. The authorities expected deaths.


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