Xbox Game Pass: Streamingbox „Keystone“ soll weiterhin erscheinen

Microsoft has confirmed work in progress on a streaming fund. However, the previous version was once again thrown into the sea. The results will be used for the new approach.

Microsoft regularly confirms that consoles remain an important part of the Xbox division. At the same time, the company hopes to reach billions of people as Xbox Game Pass and cloud services continue to expand.

An estimated 50 million copies of the Xbox One were sold in its lifetime, showing that consoles would become increasingly irrelevant if the Redmond-based company’s plans were successful.

Another piece of hardware could help transition into the age of broadcasting. Microsoft is working on a standalone Xbox cloud gaming device that eliminates the need for more expensive hardware. However, it doesn’t look like the fund will be launching any time soon.

Earlier this month, rumors swirled that Xbox was running on a stick similar to Google Stadia. Windows Central has since learned that the device is still there, but Microsoft decided to take a slightly different approach.

Microsoft confirms the streaming device

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the Windows Central report as follows. “Our vision for Xbox cloud gaming is unwavering. Our goal is to enable people to play the games they want, on the devices they want, wherever they want.”

The company, as it was confirmed last year, is working on a game streaming device, codenamed Keystone, that “can be connected to any TV or monitor without the need for a console.”

However, Microsoft has decided not to continue with the “current version of the Keystone device”. Instead, the Redmonders want to “use ideas and focus efforts on a new approach.” This should give Microsoft the opportunity to “make Xbox Cloud Gaming available to more gamers around the world” in the future.

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for free Windows Central Keystone has been in development for a number of years and Microsoft continues to terminate product functionality.

However, such a device is likely to become increasingly obsolete, as more and more TVs have the option to stream content via a simple application. This is possible This is what was said recentlywhich will be created sometime in the next twelve months.

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Xbox Game Pass now has 25 million members. Acquisitions such as the planned $68 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard aim to increase the incentive, while Sony currently sees no benefit in Game Pass with new releases. as a way of dealing It will reduce the quality.

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