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GTA Online: Contract Start – This is how it works

GTA Online: Contract Start – This is how it works

Doctor. Dre is in “GTA Online”, which is almost too good to be true – yet it’s just that :D. Dre plays in the latest “GTA Online” missions, which you can tackle in either single-player or multiplayer mode. It’s about Dr. Find Doctor Phone, which has new tracks featuring him and Eminem. Even better, these new tracks are actually real – yes, “GTA” is the platform that spawned new music from two hip-hop icons. unbelievable.

In this guide, COMPUTER BILD explains step by step how to start “GTA Online The Contract”. There are a few conditions that you must meet before contacting a Dr. Dre and listen to his new music, but with this guide you’ll be able to get it done quickly and easily in one sitting – assuming you’ve earned enough money in GTA Online.

GTA Online The Contract: Start Missions

To start the “contract” missions in “GTA Online”, you need to purchase one of four buildings, the cheapest of which costs about two million dollars in in-game currency. PS Plus subscribers can currently claim $1 million a month, which gets you close, but not quite. You have to earn some money playing missions or borrow money from friends if you want to play Contract without real cash investment.

Now that that’s been clarified, here’s how to start the Contract Quests in GTA Online:

The first step: Go to the Dynasty8 Exclusive website.

The second step: You can buy buildings on the site. Buy one of the following:

  • Vespucci Channels – 2,145,000 dollars
  • Rockford Hills – $2,415,000
  • Little Seoul – $2,010.000
  • Hawick – $2,830,000
Excerpted from a real estate website.

Purchase one of the four listed homes to meet the basic requirements.

The third step: Once you purchase a building, visit it within the game. Cutscenes played.

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The fourth step: Go to your office in the building and go to the computer. Make sure you’re playing a public session when you do this.

Fifth step: There will be two security missions available. You need to complete both to advance.

Excerpted from GTA Online with a request.

Accept this security authorization to assist Dr. One step closer to Dre.

Sixth step: You will unlock a new mission from Franklin. Here you finally succeed, Dr. dre able

Seventh step: Continue this series of missions and complete the mission on the computer and with Franklin. It won’t be long before you start the contract.

The hardest part is making the money you need when you aren’t on the high edge. Unfortunately, this will require some hard work on your part to keep things going. But at some point, you can be sure to start GTA Online The Contract.


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