Darts World Cup: Only his sleeves make Peter Wright sweat, Paul Lim makes them sexy
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Only his sleeves make Peter Wright sweat, Paul Lim makes him sexy

2021/22 PDC William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 3 2021/22 PDC William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 3

New Lucky Charm: Peter Wright with his miniature World Cup trophy, which he uses as an arrow holder

Cowell: Getty Images / Luke Walker

Paul Lim seemed to be doing it again. Singapore Slinger won a World Cup match last year at the age of 67. Wiggle record after surviving five darts matches. Peter Wright faced very different problems.

sEater Wright successfully entered the darts world cup. The 2020 world champion beat Ryan Mikley 3-0, who defeated German Fabian Schmutzler by the same score on the second day of the tournament.

“Snakebite” appeared on stage in a colorful Christmas suit, mohawk in pink and golden yellow. After his actions in recent years, this is a relatively subtle note from open world No. 2. At the 2020 World Cup, the Scot jumped across the stage as a Christmas elf, last year making the World Cup as unsafe as the Grinch.

As much as his control over his weak opponent, the outfit caused serious problems for him, as he later said, “The long arms were awful,” he would hope to play in a shorter dress for his third-round match after Christmas, as he revealed to his wife at the subsequent press conference. Joan Wright, who had always been in charge of his clothes, responded by shaking her head.

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In terms of sport, the Scot was without a doubt against the Englishman. They were 92.19 to 79.29 at the end of the twelve men as averages in the statistics. A quiet foe for Wright, having presented at least all of the players seeded in Group One against the underdog in the tournament.

2021/22 PDC William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 3

You own the future, and I own the present: Peter Wright (left) and Ryan Mickley

Cowell: Getty Images / Luke Walker

Previously, fellow countryman William Borland had created a magical moment with nine players in the decisive match against Bradley Brooks.

And not much was missing, the perfect match was the second scene of an unforgettable evening at Alexandra Palace.

Paul Lim, who won last year’s match by defeating Luke Humphreys as the oldest player in World Cup history, has announced that he will correct his record for another year. The Singaporean, who will celebrate his 68th birthday in January, had already survived five matches against Joe Murnan.

2021/22 PDC William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 3

Not high class, but exciting: Legend Paul Lim (right) congratulates Joe Murnan

Cowell: Getty Images / Luke Walker

The level wasn’t very good, they both played with an average of 79, but it was still exciting. Mornan had three darts in his hand with a 2-1 score, but missed them all. Then the Englishman advanced 2-0 in the fifth round, and he had two more chances to win and those opportunities were missed. Lim, who is playing his 26th World Cup career (also a record), came right before the winner with 65 points remaining, when his opponent took the 3-2 win after all.

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Paul Lim at the World Darts Cup

darts world cup results

1 round

Ryan Joyce (England) vs Roman Beneke (CZ) 3:2

Ken Perry (IRL) – Royden Lam (HKG) 3: 2

Jermain Watimina (Netherlands) – Boris Koltsov (Russia) 0:3

Joe Mornan (England) – Paul Lim (SGP) 3: 2

William Borland (SCO) – Bradley Brooks (England) 3: 2

Ross Smith (England) – Jeff Smith (Canada) 3: 0

second round

Krzysztof Ratajski (POL/12) – Steve Lennon (IRL) 1:3

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Peter Wright (SCO/2) – Ryan Meikle (England) 3:0

Darts World Cup on Saturday 18th December

1.30 m:

1 round

Jimmy Hughes (England) – Raymond Smith (Australia)

Callan Reeds (England) – Yuki Yamada (Japan)

Darius Labanauskas (LIT) – Mike de Decker (Belgium)

second round

Ian White (ENG / 27) – Chris Landman (NED)

8 pm:

1 round

Adam Hunt (England) – Boris Krakmar (CRO)

Ted Evetts (England) – Jim Williams (WAL)

Robbie – John Rodriguez (Australia) – Nick Kenny (WAL)

second round

Michael Van Gerwin (NED/3) – Chas Barstow (England)

The full schedule and tournament tree can be found here.

*Show: Every spectator has a chance to watch the tournament Running Dienst DAZN To continue to live. If you don’t have a subscription, you can watch the games for free. DAZN offers all new customers the opportunity to test the offer for one month free of charge. You can cancel the subscription during the first month.


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