ZDF “Traumschiff”: A dismal prognosis – the expert speaks plain language

04/17/2022 at 7:36 pm

Dream ship through the ages

Dream ship through the ages

Ship of Dreams has been on German television since 1981. ZDF has already broadcast more than 80 episodes.

Show description

that’s how it was”The ship of dreams“A real street sweeper. When Sascha Hehn, Siegfried Rauch and co. climbed onto the bridge, it felt like half of Germany was watching them.

This is no longer the case in the recent past. Only 6.46 million people watched the New Year’s edition, compared to 7.3 million fans who watched.The ship of dreamsNew Year 2020 according to the “DWDL” up to 7.8 million people.

‘Dream Ship’: Quotas are going down

It remains to be seen how many will watch the episode on Easter Sunday, but the trend is clearly declining. But why is this?


The ship of dreams“: Captains of the luxury steamer ZDF

  • Gunther Koenig as Captain Jens Brask
  • Sasha Hun as Captain Victor Burger
  • Heinz Weiss as Captain Heinz Hansen
  • Siegfried Rauch as Captain Jacob Poulsen
  • Florian Silberian as Captain Max Barger


Media expert Janine Greville tries to explain the drop in ratings for Watson: more and more influencers have settled in Traumschiff in recent months, customers who are not familiar with old Traumschiff fans.

‘Dream Ship’: More and more influencers are on board

A very crucial point: very few people over the age of 50 have ever heard of the names Paula Maria or Caro d’Or. But behind this, Greville sees ZDF’s strategy. Young influencers are deliberately involved because otherwise “the target group will either die or jump into the sea”.

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However, this is also a risk. “Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the change on board really works,” the media expert said.WatsonFalling quotas speak against the concept of work. In ZDF, one should definitely take a closer look at development.


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