Il y a actuellement 30 foyers épidémiques en Dordogne

The latest statistic from the Dordogne province, on Saturday morning, indicates seven additional outbreaks of bird flu. We count now 30 outbreaks of bird flu In the department. The number continues to increase every day. At the start of the week, April 12, there were 17 outbreaks.

The county determines that new housing ‘Located in already affected areas’. New cases were detected in: Saint-Germain and MonsAnd GuinnessAnd inclinationsAnd Dornak and others Saint Laurent de Baton. However, according to state agencies, two other strong forms are being analyzed. Another doubt is also rejected.

Poultry slaughter continues

The Prefecture of Dordogne reports that measures have been underway since the first outbreaks were detected on 4 April: “The evacuation of the population from confirmed outbreaks and the preventive displacement of farms located in the protection zone continues”. This is an area of ​​three kilometers around the affected farms.

This Saturday, 67 municipalities of the Dordogne are ranked in this perimeter. Another 364 municipalities are part of the Additional Regulated Zone (20 km area around outbreaks) where the transport of birds is prohibited. After consulting with specialists, this area will be removed on April 19. Only 3 km and 10 km zones will remain in effect.

Nearly 240,000 birds were slaughtered

The number of poultry slaughtered is also increasing. This Saturday, the prefecture indicates that 238,862 merciful birds were killed, including 46,145 for Friday only. 611 tons of dead animals were transported, including 119 tons during yesterday.

In its press release, the prefecture reminds individuals to take everything Precautions regarding their backyards (Containment and rapid notification to health authorities in case of abnormal deaths). It also indicates that it is very necessary Avoid entering or circling around the farms So as not to contribute to spreading it A highly volatile virus that is pathogenic to all species of birds.

Given the ferocity of the epidemic epidemic in the Dordogne, the department announced two days ago a support plan for the sector. It aims to help restart the sector after the crisis. In particular, this involves encouraging the establishment of local hatcheries for ducks and sheep.

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