Home science IHU members accuse Didier Raoult of falsifying results on hydroxychloroquine

IHU members accuse Didier Raoult of falsifying results on hydroxychloroquine

IHU members accuse Didier Raoult of falsifying results on hydroxychloroquine

Professor Raoult is at the center of a new investigation. After suspecting the irregular trials of treatment against tuberculosis, the infectious disease specialist in Marseille was questioned this time by several members of the IHU Méditerranée Infection in Marseille, of which he is the head. According to several testimonies transmitted mediapart, Colleagues and collaborators with Didier Raoult would accuse him of falsifying results on hydroxychloroquine. During the hearings on their working conditions in October, conducted by Aix-Marseille University, Inserm and AP-HM, these employees of the IHU were allegedly released.

Following the publication of the Mediapart article, the Assistance Publique des Hospitals de Marseille (AP-HM), Friday, November 19, announced the opening of an internal investigation “in order to confirm the veracity of the facts reported by the press.” Several of Professor Raoult’s collaborators, “more than a dozen people (biologists, physicians, interns or assistants)” also reported “pressure” against them as well as “falsification of scientific results”, “to prove the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine” against Covid-19.

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These IHU employees deplore “falsification of biological findings that allow inference of a beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine by biasing the results of PCR tests in a study comparing IHU patients receiving treatment and CHU patients in Nice who do not.” The famous infectious disease specialist in Marseille would have adjusted the positivity threshold for PCR tests to make more Marseille patients negative, determines Mediapart, which cited several anonymous testimonies.

A doctor at the facility also claims that “there has been no real science behind the IHU’s publications for years.” And to add: “The results presented must conform to the assumptions made by Didier Raoult. Otherwise, the persons involved may be publicly denigrated by questioning their skills.” At the moment, neither the IHU management nor Didier Raoult wish to comment on these accusations.

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