A study has found that overweight men die more often from prostate cancer

However, scientists cannot yet say that the cause of cancer is obesity.

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The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in men who are overweight Extensive study (in English) Covering more than 200,000 men and publishing in the magazine Medicine BMCThursday, May 5. Researchers have not established a direct relationship between the two phenomena, and if they exist, they have yet to be explained.

The study relies, on an unprecedented scale, on the database of Biobank, an organization that has been collecting health data in the UK for years. To which is added a meta-analysis of existing studies on the linkages between workers. A total of 2.5 million cases were considered.

Their findings confirm their assumptions: the more excess weight, the greater the risk of dying from prostate cancer. On the other hand, it refutes one of the hypotheses that exist so far to explain this association, that belly fat would be a risk factor. “Wherever the fat is, it doesn’t make a huge difference”confirmed epidemiologist Aurora Perez-Cornago, lead author of the study.

But if the study rejects this explanation, it offers no other explanation. What explains the link between prostate cancer and weight gain? Does the latter contribute to the body’s production of molecules that favor this type of cancer? This is the hypothesis that researchers will explore, without being certain at the moment. But obesity can also be a general sign of a lack of interest in health. “Suppose, for example, that [les hommes en surpoids] Starting to go to the bathroom a lot at night, which is a classic symptom of prostate cancer: They may not have a reaction to going to see a doctor”Progressing Aurora Perez Cornago.

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