Eintracht Frankfurt: unforgettable scenes after the storming of the fans
European League Frankfurt in the final

Unforgettable scenes after Eintracht fans stormed the stadium

Frankfurt stormed into the final, and Leipzig failed at Glasgow Rangers stadium

Eintracht Frankfurt in the sky, RB Leipzig on the ground: The dream of Germany’s full Europa League final took place shortly before the finish line. Frankfurt reach the final in Seville against West Ham United, and Leipzig fail at the Glasgow Rangers Stadium.

The joy of Eintracht’s entry into the Europa League final erupted amid the quiet rush of Frankfurt fans. Strangers hugged each other, cried and sang. Coach Glasner at first seemed in vain to his players.

sThey have already positioned themselves. Early Eintracht fans were already positioned behind West Ham United’s goal during injury time. Fans soon found imitators, and when the final whistle blew shortly afterwards, it was the signal of jubilation that everyone seemed to have been waiting for.

As if the gates had opened, hundreds of Frankfurters poured onto the field after winning 1-0 in the second leg of the Europa League semi-final against the London side. The players, the staff, the fans – all mingled in the black and white party frenzy that some European Cup champions continued to drape over the shoulders of their supporters.

In the middle: Philippe Kostik celebrates the win against West Ham with Frankfurt fans

In the middle: Philippe Kostik celebrates the win against West Ham with Frankfurt fans

Coyle: Getty Images/Alex Grimm

“Suddenly the whole place filled up. I tried to find our players. It wasn’t that easy,” coach Oliver Glasner said of his failed attempts, while club president Peter Fischer gave an emotional TV interview amid the turmoil. “This is pure fun, this is football,” he said. Fisher is elated.

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Eintracht Frankfurt - West Ham United: Semi-finals of the second round - UEFA Europa League

One of many: President Peter Fischer once again enjoyed a shower in the midst of a crowd of fans

Coyle: Getty Images/Alex Grimm

Fans occupied the crossbar, hugged each other on the field, sang, cried and celebrated their players. The hit was memorable scenes that – except for some provocations towards the guest audience – remained devoid of aggression.


At the top: Eintracht fans also scored goals

Credit: AFP/Christoph Stach

“Nothing happened. We’ve seen it so many times when going up. They just want to squeeze their favourite. It was just joy and emotions,” Glasner said.

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This was also the case in the city center, where the finals were celebrated all night long in downtown Frankfurt. On Friday morning, a police spokesman said there was “a festive atmosphere full of energy”. There were no major riots. “Overall, the night was a lot quieter than the night before the match.” He cannot yet give exact figures of crimes related to the game.

Final whistle: The end of the match was the beginning of a long third run

Final whistle: The end of the match was the beginning of a long third run

Source: dpa / Uwe Anspach

Immediately after the match, bottles were thrown at the city’s police officers. They were outside with a large unit in the inner city area and tried to make sure they didn’t crash into the opposing fan camps. By noon Thursday, more than 30 raging soccer fans had been arrested. Police said at least three people were injured in a brawl on the eve of the match.

Europa League - Semi-finals - Second leg - Eintracht Frankfurt - West Ham United

In the stadium in a wheelchair: Frankfurt fans stand after the final whistle

What: Reuters

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