Covid-19 in Occitanie:

As at the national level, the health situation continued to deteriorate for several weeks in Occitanie.

The latest health indicators in Occitanie are not good, according to figures published on Tuesday evening, by the regional health agency. 878 people are currently being treated in hospitals and clinics in Occitanie (an additional 99 patients since Friday). 208 patients are admitted to the intensive care and intensive care units (41 more than on Friday). Within three days, 19 patients had died of Covid-19. The Covid-19 epidemic has killed a total of 5,335 patients in our region.

6.2% positive results

The ARS notes that an average of 2,864 positive cases were detected per day this week, for a total of 20,047 from November 23-29. The rate of positive tests is 6.2%. Finally, there are an average of 327.3 new Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Occitanie.

“The number of Covid cases is increasing exponentially and almost everywhere in Occitanie in the heart of the fifth epidemic wave. The rates of development of epidemiological indicators attest to this very rapid progress. The hospital impact is also progressing strongly: in 7 days, hospitals 32% additional patients were transferred to Hospitalization due to a serious case of Covid. This increase has reached +52% in critical care services, without reaching the peak of the epidemic yet. These epidemiological indicators are added to the reports of the first cases of influenza, particularly in East Occitanie,” in its press release ARS.

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