“The farmer is looking for a wife”
Appearance more than reality

Written by Kay Patrick

The debriefing of the seventeenth season “Bauer sucht Frau” in the Great Reunion, celebrated with so much food, drink and music, turned out to be a lukewarm event for the average table in terms of “success rate”. Of the twelve love seekers who started out, only three are eyeing a future for two.

The famous German matchmaker Inka Bose makes a new attempt every year. Always with perfect happiness in mind, the “farmer looking for wife” chief tries over and over again to bring what belongs together – with success. Since the first season in 2005, more than 30 growers have found the right cover.

But sometimes the worm is there, too. Despite the mostly warm farm weeks, Inka Bause only welcomes three farmers (farmer Peter, cow farmer Nils, and organic farmer Matthias) with a woman to attend the big reunion. The nine other love seekers – including horse hostess Lara – were unfortunately unable to salvage the surging feelings of everyday life.

If the spark does not jump

The reasons for the calmness of love this year are complex. With some couples, the famous spark didn’t jump out. Organic farmer Olaf, for example, has put Brandenburg’s paradise under his feet. The Bavarian woman even had her own swimming pool at her disposal. But in the end, it was just enough for a sincere hug with the phrase “let’s stay friends”.

Love has also had a hard time at the farm of horse hostess Lara. Neither blonde Melanie nor brunette Francesca really fit into the sometimes-cold and moody farmer’s relationship style. With a cold glass of beer under the Brandenburg sun, the ladies (Lara and Melanie) can look into each other’s eyes again without any problems and without resentment.

Enno and Dirk, get ahead of the error

The mood at Dirk and Enno’s beer table is a bit bleak. The two here found each other “still have a lot to learn” when it comes to women. With the arrival of the disgruntled (Saskia and Sophie) and the disgruntled (Kim) ladies waiting, a massive thunderstorm of emotions gathers over their heads.


Sentence with X, that was nothing: Piglet, beekeeper Hubert, Dirk sheep farmer, and dairy farmer Enno (left to right).

(Photo: RTL)

Both Enno, who reported Kim by phone shortly after the already successful court week of not having feelings, and Dirk, who was constantly bragging about other female communications in the presence of his ladies in court, got their opinion back right from the ladies. What’s going on with Enno falls on deaf ears with Dirk: “This is what a snowy life looks like,” an amateur affair defending itself against accumulated criticism.

“I won’t let you bow”

A dog allergy sufferer, Torsten offers himself a bit more insight, praising improvement after a phase of everyday life in which he hides behind so much work. “I’m trying to change. I still want to find love,” said the strong cultivator in the presence of the waiting lady Karen. I learned a lot during the period of “The Peasant Looking for a Wife”: “I am what I am. And I can no longer be bent,” said the trained grocer with a clear inclination toward the little four-legged friends.

Beekeeper Hubert also gets short one-to-one relationship maintenance lessons. If he had swept more time for Andrea after the week of court, perhaps nothing would stand in the way of love’s great happiness. But this is how Hubert and Andrea’s eyes wander a little, loveless and lifeless in faraway Brandenburg.

cadre of ruin

With “wired brush” Matzi and Eileen as well as early dropout Mike complement the ruin squad. So in the end, all that remains is the mature happiness of Mister Peter, Matthias and Niels, the cordial solidarity between Hottie Bj√∂rn and his court ladies Danny and Catherine and the bright mood of the chief of the ordination Enka Boss, piercing all the thunderclouds, who are all again towards the end present energized by the sounds of surging blows . With this in mind: Raise your cups and love is all you need…

The last episode? The whole season of “Bauer sucht Frau” has begun RTL + retrieve it.

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