Home entertainment “3 to 9”: Helge Schneider introduces his son Charlie (11) – the audience is stunned

“3 to 9”: Helge Schneider introduces his son Charlie (11) – the audience is stunned

“3 to 9”: Helge Schneider introduces his son Charlie (11) – the audience is stunned

Schneider and his son Charlie as guests on ‘3nach9’

© screenshot / dein.radiobremen.de

Artist and singer Helge Schneider appeared with his son on the talk show “3 Nat 9”. Then there was the first interview with the 11-year-old.

Bremen – On the popular talk show “3 nach 9”, hosts Judith Rakers and Giovanni Di Lorenzo invite distinguished guests, as well as people with an interesting life story, to their studio once a month. On Friday, July 16, Helge Schneider was allowed to participate in the talk show – but the 65-year-old did not come alone, but was accompanied. His son Charlie made his first television appearance on the show and gave his first interview. What did the 11-year-old say?

“3 to 9”: Helge Schneider and his son Charlie as talk show guests – TV viewers are happy

Helge Schneider knows music and business reviews inside and out. And perhaps his 11-year-old son Charlie also liked her, because he often accompanied his father on performances. He is also musically talented and even plays the drummer on occasion. He was able to prove his talent on the talk show “3 to 9”. Charlie played drums and accompanied on piano Helge Schneider – a great moment for TV viewers to watch on TV.

Users posted their opinion of the TV show on social media. One user commented on Twitter, “How cool is Helge Schneider with his son as a duo, please?” “Helge does quite right with his son’s music education. You can hear it too”, “How beautiful is this sight, especially at 3nach9? Helge Schneider and his son Charlie, great team”, wrote social media users.

Helge Schneider and his son Charlie appearing on the NDR talk show “3nach9”

© screenshot / dein.radiobremen.de

3 to 9: Helge Schneider’s son Charlie in an interview about his future

Curator Judith Rackers asked the 11-year-old if he would like to follow in his father’s footsteps. “Sometimes I think I want to do it later as a job — but sometimes I don’t. I can’t play in front of my mom, sister, and grandfather, and I don’t dare do it,” Charlie says. Playing in front of his father and strangers is not a problem for him. Helge Schneider told the psychics team that his son had been interested in music from an early age. “I played the piano and had a little drum kit. He couldn’t walk yet, but he always grabbed the drum and hit the stick,” Schneider says. So his son still has a great future ahead.

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