Wonderful!  Facebook Group Buys Startup Lion's Den

You made it with your idea! In October 2020, Tomislav Tomov and Leon Szeli started at Die Höhle der Löwen: Through their startup Presize, the two developed a program that aims to revolutionize online shopping. It measures the client’s body to show him the correct size of the clothes, thus avoiding unnecessary orders. Carsten Maschmeyer (62) was convinced and invested in the company. Presize has now been purchased by the Meta Group!

It’s the first time a multi-billion dollar tech giant has acquired a startup from the TV founder’s show ‘The Lion’s Den’.Investor disclosure Karsten employment Instagram. He is very happy with the inventors, whom he considers to be some of the smartest people he has ever worked with. The 62-year-old is excited to see how their technology will be developed – and he is also very proud of his pupils. “We are keeping our fingers crossed on a wonderful journey into the future,” he concluded.

I celebrity flashIn an interview after the show, the founders already said about how well they dealt with the entrepreneur. “Carsten is not only our investor, he is our advisor as well.”, it flowed. They called each other several times a month and took advice from him.

Leon Zelli and Tomislav Tomov from "Locate"

TVNOW / Bernd Michael Maurer

Leon Zelli and Tomislav Tomov from the movie “Presize”
Karsten Machmer in August 2021
Leon Zelle and Tomislav Tomov, founders "Locate"

TVNOW / Bernd Michael Maurer

Leon Zelle and Tomislav Tomov, founders of Precise
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