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Volksbank and ÖGV release a sustainability guide for SMEs and cooperatives

Volksbank and ÖGV release a sustainability guide for SMEs and cooperatives

Vienna Vienna, 11.10.2021under the title “This is how sustainability works for SMEs and cooperatives,” Volksbanks and the Austrian Cooperative Association (ÖGV) have published a guide to help interested companies find their way to a sustainable future. Because: The need to work on sustainability is also growing for smaller companies.

With its collaborative principle and core values ​​of “trust, regionalism and proximity to customers”, Volksbank has been committed to sustainable business since its founding more than 170 years ago. Terms such as SDG Compass, EU Rating or Disclosure Regulation (SFRD) are common terms at Volksbank, as well as large companies that have their own sustainability departments. But: sustainable management is becoming more and more important for companies of all industries and of all sizes in order to achieve government climate goals – and thus also for SMEs and cooperatives. In order to support them in implementing sustainability more aggressively in their core businesses, Volksbanks and ÖGV have jointly created a free guide, which is now available at https://volksbankwien.at/nachhaltigkeitsbroschuere Available for download.

Sustainability is future viability

The Sustainability Guide for SMEs and Cooperatives explains why sustainability concerns everyone, and above all relates to opportunities. Only those who work sustainably are fit for the future. “Sustainability opens up new business areas, connects customers and employees and makes organizations fit and resilient,” said Gerald Fleischmann, Managing Director of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG, and warns: “Anyone who ignores these developments risks being left behind and missing out on change.”

In addition, both Volksbank and ÖGV will offer sustainable and successful business models. “Both Volksbank customers and ÖGV members set a good example here and show how one can do well with environmental and social responsibility,” Fleischmann sums up the contents of the brand’s new brochure. Peter Hübner is Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÖGV, the service and audit consortium of Volksbanks and business cooperatives in Austria. He agrees with Fleischmann’s words that there is no way around sustainability and is convinced: “Cooperatives and collaborative management are the success model for a sustainable future.”

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Tips for small and medium businesses

The topic of sustainability has always embraced all aspects of banking and thus requires a clear strategic positioning. In addition to introducing and implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy, Volksbank sees it as a duty to advise its clients. “It is especially important for us to support our clients in their sustainability endeavours, for example, to advise them on the support available for sustainable investments,” Fleischmann says. In June, Volksbank, in collaboration with the Austrian Gallup Institute, once again polled 1,000 entrepreneurs from all over Austria. “The Entrepreneurs Study has shown once again that the need to work on sustainability for companies across all branches is increasing,” Fleischmann said. So we see it as our job to advise SMEs in particular that have open ears.”

Volksbanks Association

Volksbanken-Verbund is an Austrian-wide banking group with eight regional banks, the SPARDA-BANK brand and Österreichische Ärzte- und Apothekerbank. The central organization of the group is VOLKSBANK WIEN AG since July 2015. The total assets of the Volksbanks Union is 31.8 billion euros, it employs 3,204 employees (full-time equivalent) in 242 sales outlets, and supports more than 1 million customers throughout Austria (as of June 30, 2021) . More information about www.volksbank.at. Despite careful research, the information presented here operates exclusively as non-binding information. Typos and errors are reserved.

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