With this subscription, you get Xbox Series X!

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S mit Game Pass

Microsoft’s Xbox All Access has been available in other countries for a long time, and is now launching in Germany. Deal: You get a subscription at the monthly rate and you get a brand new Xbox Series X or S including a 2-year Game Pass membership. The contract is valid for 24 months, after which the console becomes yours!

Best Xbox All Access Deal

You can close the deal online exclusively at Cyberport. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pricing varies:

If Cyberport no longer has consoles: You can also get the subscription on Media Markt, but so far only on site in a store. You can find all the information on this topic on the Media Markt website. also Saturn presents this possibility.

Would you rather buy the Xbox Series X outright? Check availability here!

Is Xbox All Access Worth It?

With Xbox All Accesss, you pay a total of €791.76 for Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over 24 months. It is easy to calculate whether the width is good or not:

  • Console costs regularly when purchased individually 499 euros.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs €38.99 for 3 months (the cheapest time period), That’s €311.92 for 24 months.
  • So if you buy the console and 24 months of Game Pass separately, you’ll do it 810.92 EUR Pay – and good €20 more than with Xbox All Access.

Of course, the calculation is true only with Microsoft MSRP rates. You can often get a cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as part of discount campaigns – if you want to, you can get away with the cheaper single purchase of an all-inclusive subscription. However, you should take into account that the Xbox Series X is not currently available individually – and if it is, it is rarely at an actual RRP. Then a permanent loan with a subsequent retention guarantee is a good deal again.

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Overall, paying in installments is also great for those who don’t have the money to buy a next-generation console right away. Please note, however, that when you sign up for the subscription period, you are contractually obligated to make 24 monthly payments, which you will then have to pay regularly. No additional costs, like Microsoft in one Blog entry promises. It also says that other merchants as well as Austria and Switzerland will soon follow.

Subscribers who choose the coveted Xbox Series X are also clearly being offered: the console is still hard to come by, but Microsoft appears to have withheld additional hardware for the service.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S side by sidethe games

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