Over 5,600 visas issued to local workers in Afghanistan

The situation has been tense for months. German delegates in Afghanistan now indicate that thousands of local workers and those in particular need of protection can leave the country.

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Since the radical Islamist came to power Taliban According to a report issued in Kabul, German diplomatic missions in the region have issued more than 5,600 visas to local employees and particularly vulnerable people. Afghanistan issued. Funk Media Group newspapers quoted about it Ministry of Foreign AffairsThat the embassy in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad alone, has so far approved 3,700 applications. The embassies in Islamabad and New Delhi in India issued about 1,100 visas in the field of family reunification.

The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August after 20 years of fighting against the US-backed government and NATO forces. in a hasty retreat from Armed forces and other German institutions, thousands of local aid workers have been left in the country. The German government is trying to persuade them to leave because many of them fear reprisals from the Taliban.

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