Windows 10: Chrome keeps crashing

From Oliver Hunter
Google Chrome users have reported that their browser keeps crashing due to a bug in the latest Windows 10 update. A Google product expert has already prepared instructions in the Help Center forum on how to fix the error causing the browser to crash.

Google’s Chrome browser should display messages from Chrome users Reddit And keep crashing on the Google Help Center forum. This phenomenon is said to have only been observed on Windows 10 at times, as the browser appears to be stable on other operating systems like macOS and Linux. Crashes should occur as a result of recent Windows 10 update, happen randomly and have no pattern. However, users were able to notice frequent errors: the browser refuses to start, windows and tabs should be displayed without a title, or plugins suddenly crash with the error message “Click this balloon to reload the extension.”

This can solve the problem

Meanwhile, a product expert from Google has done In the forum I mentioned and presented several solutions. The error is suspected to be caused by the user data directory, which is used to store the information. To avoid crashes in Chrome, you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure data sync is turned on And passwords on It can be found.
  2. Close browser completely.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and close % LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User data Mobility.
  4. Delete the “Local State” file in the folder (create a backup previously) and restart Chrome.
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If these steps don’t fix the problem, a Google product expert recommends:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and close % LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User data Mobility.
  2. Make copies of all the data in the folder and save it elsewhere, for example on the desktop.
  3. Rename the folder called User-Data to something other than User-Data.
  4. Restart Chrome.

If this, too, is doomed to annihilation, then there is a third method:

  1. Uninstall Chrome from Control Panel
  2. Google Folders in C: Users USERNAME Appdata local And in C: Program Files (x86) delete
  3. Open Registry Editor and delete the registry items within Google
  4. Find the registry keys in the following locations: Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Google And the Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Google
  5. Reinstall Chrome

Alternatively, you can switch to Microsoft Edge or use beta versions of Chrome, as the error has already been fixed.

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