Home Tech The fake call can come directly from WhatsApp

The fake call can come directly from WhatsApp

The fake call can come directly from WhatsApp

In the future, users can receive a call via WhatsApp, where the counterparty directly ends the call. It is likely that the reason for this is not the villain, but rather WhatApp itself to increase the security of the account. We explain what is behind this

fake calls from whatsapp

Scam attempts on smartphones, including via WhatsApp, are increasing all the time. Just yesterday we reported that the account can be hacked via a combination of SMS and WhatsApp messages. It has now been announced that there may be such a thing as fake calls in the future. The reason for this is an additional feature in security, as WhatsApp wants to make it more difficult for scammers in exactly such a case, as shown in our previous news. Because the fake call comes directly from WhatsApp itself to ensure that the code required to reinstall WhatsApp is entered by the real owner. About this feature, which the developers of WhatsApp are apparently working on, It also reports Inside-Digital.

The thing works like this: if you want to reinstall WhatsApp, you have to enter a code. This will be sent via SMS to the phone number associated with the account. Once the code is entered, the WhatsApp account is activated on the respective device – at least that’s how it was before. If the scammer has the code (in our news described at the beginning, he got the code through WhatApp message to the real owner), then the real owner’s account will disappear for the time being. The new procedure prevents such a situation, because in the future the WhatsApp “bot” will call and check whether the device’s phone number matches the one to which the SMS was sent. This happens so fast that the WhatsApp bot immediately disconnects – so you don’t have to worry if you get such a fake call in the future. The functionality is currently still under development. This security feature is only supposed to be optional, because if you have a new mobile number because you changed your contract, it will look in the tube.

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