Microsoft is bringing back cult character 'Karl Clammer' as an emoji

For some it was a nice useful program, for others it was an annoying application: the desktop paper clip “Clippy” or “Karl Klammer” returns to the screens – with a new task.

MAY BE BACK OF THE YEAR: Clippy, known in German as “Karl Klammer,” should be back in Microsoft Office. Clippy was an animated paper clip designed to help users operate Microsoft Office.

The app was introduced in 1997 and initially caused problems for many users. Because: you can’t turn him off and often his tips aren’t really helpful either. The applet is no longer present in Office applications for operating systems after Windows 2003.

New emojis will be coming by the end of the year

Now the sect character is back, albeit with a new mission. Microsoft announced this in a blog post. The software company announced that it will review about 1,800 emojis and convert them from 2D to 3D. Clippy will also be one of them, replacing the existing paper clip emoji.

“Sure, we may be using less paper clips today than we did in Clippy’s heyday, but we couldn’t resist the urge to be nostalgic,” the post says.

It won’t be long before that happens: Teams and Windows should receive the new images by the end of the year, and Clippy will find its way back into screens. Other programs, such as Outlook, won’t be available until next year.

The blog post was preceded by a tweet from Microsoft on World Emoji Day on Wednesday last week. “If this tweet receives 20,000 likes, we will return Clippy to the new Microsoft as an emoji,” the company wrote on Friday.

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The tweet has now had over 170,000 likes – and Karl Klammer has a new assignment.


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