Home entertainment Watch “Dr. Blues” again on ZDF: Repeat Episode 6, Season 2 online and on TV

Watch “Dr. Blues” again on ZDF: Repeat Episode 6, Season 2 online and on TV

Watch “Dr. Blues” again on ZDF: Repeat Episode 6, Season 2 online and on TV

On Thursday (May 5, 2022), another episode of the series “Doctor Blues” was shown on television. All about the recurring “Second Chance” online and on TV as well as the upcoming TV appointments of Dr. Blues can be found here at news.de.

Dr. Blues at ZDF
Photo: ZDF, transmitted by FUNKE magazines

On Thursday (May 5, 2022) another episode of “Doctor Blues” was shown on TV at 9:00 pm. If you watched the Doctor series in ZDF I couldn’t watch, but you still want to watch Episode 6 of Season 2 (“Second Chance”): Take a look at ZDF Media Library. There you will find many TV reports after the online broadcast as video-on-demand for broadcast. As a rule, you will find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no iteration of ZDF on linear TV in the near future.

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‘Dr. Blues’ on TV: This is what ‘Second Chance’ is all about

Professor Fry wants to refer Doreen’s mother of three to a psychiatric clinic. But Michelle believes there is a physical reason for Doreen’s suffering and investigates. (Source: ZDF, cited by FUNKE magazines)

“Doctor Blues” on TV: a glimpse of all the information and actors of “Second Chance”

consequence: 6 / Season 2 (“Second Chance”)

at: ZDF

With: Marcus Steiger, Julia Richter, Daniel Fritz, Merab Ninidze, Vincent Krueger, Berg Shady, Michael Kind, Barbara Philippe, Nadia Popeleva and Dominic Webber

TypeDoctors Series

year of production: 2022

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Long: 45 minutes

in high definition: yes

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