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Charlene apologizes for her daughter’s haircut

Charlene von Monaco and her family are finally reunited. The princess shared the photos with her fans on Instagram – especially her little daughter’s new hairstyle that caught the eye.

Photo series with 15 photos

The past few months have been difficult for Charlene von Monaco. Due to a severe infection of the ear, nose and throat, the princess cannot travel for her family. Doctors advised the 43-year-old not to fly home. Plus, the former swimmer ran again just a few days ago. The four-hour procedure on August 13 was successful, but Charlene has yet to recover from the operation.

She gets support from her family. Shortly after the operation, Prince Albert II said that he and the children were thinking about her “tenderly”. About two weeks later, the king and their two children traveled to South Africa to visit the princess. Several weeks later, the family was reunited, as several photos appear on Instagram.

“I did my best”

Charlene von Monaco shared several shots with her nearly 300,000 followers on the social media platform, where they can be seen not only as a set of four, but also as a pair of twins. In two photos, Jack and Gabriella climb a tree. “I am so happy to have my family with me again,” Charlene wrote of the mini photo album. Behind her she placed a red heart.

The mother of two also drew attention to an interesting detail: her daughter’s pubic looks different. “Gabriella decided to cut her hair,” Charlene wrote, placing three exclamation points behind her. “Sorry Bella, I did my best to save her.”

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In the comments column, her fans are happy to be reunited with her family. But some of them are also enjoying the new six-year-old’s hairstyle. For example, one follower wrote: “Gabriella just wanted to be like her mother.” “I love him,” said another supporter. “Children are all equal.”


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