Back to the roots: Is Ravi hinting at Sam's return here?

Ravi Rashk (31 years old) raises new love rumors through a post on social media! Ex-bachelorette candidate and ex-boyfriend Sam Dylan, 30, publicly announced their separation at the end of May: the estranged couple finally ended their relationship after nearly a year and a half together and many arguments. but point ravi Now about the return of love with his ex-wife Toxic On social media? At least that’s what many fans think…

“As the saying goes, in the end you are always smarter and know if you made the right decisions,” he emphasized ravi from now on Instagram He declared that the next few months would change a lot in his life. “Now I finally know who I want to be by my side.”pointed out. but that is not all! In addition, the published influencer introduced the hashtag #BackToTheRoots – in German, like “Back to the origins”.

No wonder so many fans took this post as an opportunity to talk about a possible love comeback ravi And the Toxic prognosis. “Are you with me again Toxic together?” or “I hope it’s Sam,” for example, two supporters commented. Actually also brought Toxic Recently, rumors flared, because former Prince Charming posted a clip in which he hugs the arm of a mysterious man …

Ravi Rashek in November 2018
Sam Dylan and Ravi Rashek
Sam Dylan in July 2021
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