Home entertainment Will he be the new James Bond? Marvel Star has already had enough of the question KINO.de

Will he be the new James Bond? Marvel Star has already had enough of the question KINO.de

Will he be the new James Bond?  Marvel Star has already had enough of the question KINO.de

Who will play the role of James Bond next? That’s the big question, but “Eternals” star Richard Madden, considered a potential successor, is tired of speculation.

In No Time to Die, Daniel Craig said goodbye to his iconic role in James Bond. The British actor has shaped the franchise for over 15 years, but now the question naturally arises as to who will play the famous agent next. There is a long list of potential actors for the desired role. For a long time Tom Hardy (“Venom”) and Reggie Jane Page (“Bridgerton”) were favorites, but “Eternals” star Richard Madden has also emerged as possible Bond successors. By the way, you can see the other shortlisted candidates in this video.

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During the promotional tour for the Marvel movie, a journalist asked Richard Madden if he would become the next James Bond. While the actor only responds to the question with silence and a smug smile, we hear his assistant, who simply says you don’t answer the question and moves on:

When will the new James Bond be announced?

Richard Madden has certainly faced the common question of whether he could become the next James Bond. Perhaps the star didn’t want to talk anymore, but perhaps the silence could be interpreted differently. Perhaps the actor knows better and is currently involved in discussions about the role of Bond. Of course, this is just speculation, and at the end of the day, only the officials know who the next bond will be.

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According to James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, no new Bond will be announced this year. Instead, Daniel Craig should stay in the spotlight and be celebrated. After all, he worked hard for it and had some injuries over the years, which is why the actor’s work should not be forgotten immediately.

Sure, talks are already underway with potential candidates and Bond fans will find out who will follow in Daniel Craig’s footsteps by 2022 at the latest.

Now it’s your turn. You can see how much you know your way about James Bond in our quiz:

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