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Bremen Airport has acquired the former Lufthansa terminal

Bremen Airport also acquired the former Lufthansa terminal and built a privately operated terminal out of it. Priority Pass holders can also access here.

Lufthansa will not reopen some of its lounges at many airports across Germany. As Lufthansa’s business class and prestige guests look down the tube, Nuremberg Airport simply took over the building itself and created a new lounge for Priority Pass holders, among other things. And this is exactly what Bremen Airport has already done with the new “lounge”, as in the opposite terminal page From Priority Pass visible.

Breakfast from the a la carte menu and pizza from the buffet

After Lufthansa announced its intention to close several lounges at decentralized airports across Germany, an alternative to the Lufthansa lounge in Nuremberg was soon found. Because here the airport itself has taken over the legacy of the crane and is now opening a new “Dürer Lounge”. It seems that Bremen Airport had exactly this idea and did the same. The former Lufthansa lounge at Bremen Airport has become “The Lounge”, which once again welcomes guests with access. These approved passengers also include Priority Pass holders. KLM Business Class passengers also have access to the lounge, which is open daily from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Bremen lounge
Priority Pass holders can also access “The Lounge” in Bremen

Thus, Lufthansa group business class passengers can no longer access, unless they also have a Priority Pass that comes with the attractive American Express Platinum card, for example. The new “The Lounge” is located in the gates area A1 to A5. As in Nuremberg, judging by the photos on the corresponding Priority Pass page, Bremen Airport also acquired most of the furniture from Lufthansa. The typical Lufthansa armchairs, which can also be found in the crane lounges, are especially noted here.

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Lounge guests can expect a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as a range of different snacks and dishes. This includes an a la carte breakfast, which offers a selection of sandwiches, scrambled eggs, fruits, salads, yoghurts, cold cuts and spreads. There is also a buffet where the hungry can enjoy pizza, for example Frankfurt Flyer mentioned. According to the blog, there is also a baggage drop service. However, the lounge is on the air side, which may at least call for questions regarding baggage check-in.

Conclusion on the seizure of the terminal by Bremen Airport

Once Lufthansa turned its back on the lounge side of the Nuremberg and Bremen airports, the airports themselves took over the former exclusive waiting rooms for the crane. At Bremen Airport, a new “lounge” has already opened and offers Priority Pass holders and KLM business class passengers, among other things, an attractive selection of food and drinks. Only Lufthansa Business Class and status guests will continue to look into the tube without receiving priority pass.


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