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Two free games and many discounts! • Eurogamer.de

Two free games and many discounts!  • Eurogamer.de

On the game company’s birthday, there are discounts on Steam, Stadia, and Xbox Marketplace and there are two free titles.

THQ Nordic is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, and in addition to the Christmas live broadcast, there are also many gifts to celebrate this day. You can now get many discounts on the THQ collection of games and even two games absolutely free.

subordinate Sell ​​Publisher on Steam Open from 7 pm. Then, the link should lead you directly to the offers and you will even get up to 90% off titles in different types of strategy to jump into the great fantasy RPG.

For example, there are discounts for the popular game Desperados 3 on Destroy All Humans! Or SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. If you are hungry for action, you can also get a discount on games like Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning or Biomutant or you can secure deals from the Darksiders and SpellForce series for those little fantasy games.

Destroy_all humans
These aliens are planning an attack on your account now, so be careful!

If you’re not using a PC, there will also be games on the Xbox Marketplace or on Stadia between September 14 and 28, so you can browse them now.

Above all, you can add these two games to your library for free: the enhanced “Titan Quest Anniversary Edition” sends you into action-packed battles in antiquity absolutely for free, and the classic Jagged Alliance in Gold Edition free of charge provides you with feelings of nostalgia. You can have both in your group until September 23rd.

If you still want to play a hit game from the THQ domain for free at least, you can get Desperados 3 from today until September 20 on Steam try out. – This show will probably start at 7 PM, like all other shows.

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