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Sony offers amazing gameplay for

In “playable condition,” Sony finally gets it Extensive game to “West forbidden horizon” Shown. Aloy’s latest adventure looks absolutely amazing PS5 Outside!

In the all-new Play Mode you have guerrilla and guerrilla games Sony Playstation Finally in detail ”Horizon is forbidden westHighlight this for both of them Playstation 4 Beside PlayStation 5 It should appear. In the game’s scenes, Aloy has to rescue a fellow prisoner on a mission in a bloated area on the San Francisco coast. In addition to the amazing game world, the new protagonist Aloy’s movements and weapons were the focus of the gameplay section, which took about 14 minutes. The game excerpts end with an amazing fight between Aloy and a giant robo mammoth. Here is the full gameplay sequence recorded on PlayStation 5:

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After an excerpt from the gameplay, the developers again talked in detail about the new features of “Horizon Forbidden West”. Aloy gets new tools in the same game: the focus scanner now also shows free climbing spots, with which you can quickly reach safety. Aloy, for example, allows some kind of parachute to slide gracefully off larger bumps. The combat system has also changed: for example, Aloy can charge her spear in various ways in order to defeat even the most powerful opponents. Aloy bows and arrows are also equipped with new special features with which you can also defeat powerful enemies.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Sony hasn’t announced a release date

However, fans waited for a moment in the “Gameplay” demo: Guerilla Games and Sony have not disclosed when Horizon Forbidden West will be released. Closer to the release, there will be more updates and ideas about the game.

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