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Was the Marvel star secretly engaged?

A cleverly chosen wardrobe?  On the red carpet, Angle Ashton's left hand was hidden under her dress.

A cleverly chosen wardrobe? On the red carpet, Angle Ashton’s left hand was hidden under her dress.

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Will the Marvel Loki villain take place soon? At least one diamond ring has been spotted by Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend.

A gorgeous piece of jewelry by actress Zoe Ashton (37, “Nocturnal Animals”) makes the rumor mill explode. Did her boyfriend, Marvel star Tom Hiddleston, 41, propose to her? At least that’s what the obvious big touch seen on the actress’s ring finger at the BAFTA Awards last weekend suggests.

The ring can be seen especially clearly on a selfie from the evening posted by moderator AJ Odudu (34) on his Instagram story. Among other things, “Daily Mail” is still available. Surrounded by the couple, Odudu laughs at the camera, Ashton’s hand and diamond ring on her arm.

broke out on stage

In hindsight, it was noticeable how Ashton hid her hand under her dress in photos from the red carpet. As further evidence of the courtship, the article states that Hiddleston and the two were noted accepting congratulations from many colleagues.

In any case, secrecy would not be unusual for her. Because the two kept their relationship hidden for so long. In 2019, Hiddleston and Ashton met on the joint play “Betrayal”, but only at the 2021 Tony Awards they walked the red carpet as a couple – sometimes not voluntarily. However, shortly before paparazzi photos of the two appeared on the network, which showed them kissing while on vacation in Ibiza and removed any doubts from the world.


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