Will Ui Abel leave 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

The air in the world of television is thick, and the feud between the two candidates continues to escalate. So much for sensitive farmer Uwe Abel. He cries and thinks of canceling Celebrity Big Brother.

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It’s getting more and more annoying on the “Celebrity Big Brother” space station. In just 90 square metres, eleven residents have to spend time together – without decent food, without privacy, and without daylight. This alone is nerve-wracking. But the feud between Melanie Muller and Ravi Rashik made the air thinner.

After former “bachelorette” candidate singer Ballerman was accused of playing the wrong game and making deals before moving on, the situation escalated. The two loudly went to each other.

“Maybe I’m just not the one who made this.”

Too much for Ui Abel: in the morning, the sensitive “Farmer Looking for a Wife” star ran out of food. He burst into tears as soon as he got up. He misses his home, his peace and quiet, his wife. Plus, “I need harmony more than others,” he cried, his roommate Eric Senderman, musing, “I might not have been made for this.”

In the counseling room, Oye continued to play with the idea of ​​leaving “Celebrity Big Brother.” “I know when my body wants to tell me something,” the 54-year-old said. “And I always think about whether it’s telling me to stop or to keep doing it at all.” “Your talk took me too far, I must confess,” Ravi confronted a little later and made it very clear: “It was a lot more fun before you came here.”

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But at the end of the show, there was a glimmer of hope for Uwe: He was allowed to fight a duel against his roommates to move into the luxury sector for the first time. Successfully: The star of “Bauer sucht Frau” with Danni Büchner, Eric Sindermann and Payton Ramolla has moved to the “Big Planet”. Maybe that will help him keep going.


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