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PCC Group concludes 2021 as one of the best financial years in the company’s history


PCC increased EBITDA in fiscal year 2021 by 137% over the previous year to nearly €200 million

Duisburg (OTS) In the fourth quarter of 2021, Duisburg investment holding company PCC SE once again significantly outperformed PCC Group’s highly successful performance in previous quarters, in terms of sales and earnings. “Overall, 2021 was by far one of the best financial years in the company’s 28-year history,” says Ulrike Warnecke, CEO of PCC SE.

PCC Group consolidated sales increased 54% year over year to €277.7 million in the fourth quarter and by 37% to €979.7 million for the full year. This means that sales in 2021 were well above our expectations. In terms of earnings, PCC also significantly exceeded the previous year’s results, which were affected by the pandemic, and targets set for the past fiscal year. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) rose to €72.2 million in the fourth quarter, nearly double the figure for the same quarter a year earlier. For the full year, PCC generated EBITDA of €198.8 million, an increase of 137% over the previous year. Operating result (EBIT) increased to €127.0 million in the last fiscal year, which is double of €11.3 million for 2020. Profit before tax (EBT) was €44.8 million in the fourth quarter and €94.4 million in the fiscal year. , compared to a loss in the previous year. Operating cash flow also improved significantly to €147.3 million (2020: €114.0 million).

As in previous quarters, this trend was supported by persistently high levels of raw material prices and lower import volumes from China, for example caustic soda and silicon metal.

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The chemical and logistics departments continue to perform excellently

The chemicals division generated sales of €215.3 million in the fourth quarter, which accumulated to €797.8 million at the end of the year. PCC’s largest division exceeded last year’s sales of €578.2 million and also exceeded our expectations. This also applies to the results. All sectors except for basic consumer goods contributed. The polyols segment increased sales for the full year to €235.4 million, an increase of 61% compared to 2020. It is clear that the surfactants, chlorine and specialty chemicals segments clearly outperformed previous excellent quarters. The logistics division generated sales of €33.7 million in the fourth quarter, beating the previous quarter’s record of €30.1 million.

Metal silicon plant in Iceland closes in 2021 with positive EBITDA

Production of silicon metal for PCC BakkiSilicon hf. In Iceland, it recorded at a very stable high in the fourth quarter. Due to the decline in imports from China, prices sometimes rose several times over the previous year; PCC Bakki silicone hf. It has even marketed some sizes in Asia. The investment achieved a positive operating result in the fourth quarter and closed the 2021 fiscal year with a positive EBITDA level.

Construction has begun and is progressing as planned on an investment project in Malaysia

In October 2021, the construction of a plant for the production of non-ionic surfactants and polyether polyols jointly with our joint Malaysian partner, PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG), is officially planned to be built at the Kertih site. In addition, we have renamed the joint venture company to PCG PCC Oxyalkylates Sdn. Bhd. About. The construction of the station, which has a total capacity of 70,000 tons, is progressing according to plan. The start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

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Redemption of point bond

On December 1, 2021, PCC SE redeemed the 2.00% ISIN DE000A2YPFD5 bonds issued in October 2019 to maturity. The amount of repayment amounted to 4.6 million euros. In addition, on February 1, 2022, PCC SE repaid the 3.00% ISIN DE000A2G9HY2 bond, which was issued in 2018, with a repayment size of €9.6 million.

These group numbers are unaudited. This quarterly report is available online at https://www.pcc-finanzinformationen.eu can access.

Brief image of PCC SE

PCC SE, headquartered in Duisburg, is the holding company of the global PCC Group with more than 3,300 employees. PCC SE Group of Companies has core competencies in the production of chemical raw materials and specialty chemicals. Another strong pillar of the investment portfolio is container logistics. As a long-term investor, PCC SE focuses on continually increasing the institutional value of its holdings and creating new values ​​through sustainable investments. The largest producers of chemicals in the PCC group are PCC Rokita SA, the main producer of chlorine and the leading producer of polyols in Eastern Europe, and PCC Exol SA, one of the newest producers of surfactants in Europe. PCC was founded in 1993 by Waldemar Breusner, the sole shareholder of PCC SE, who today chairs the supervisory board. In fiscal year 2021, PCC Group generated consolidated sales of approximately €980 million. The volume of investment in 2021 amounted to about 110 million euros. For more information about PCC, see https://www.pcc.eu.

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