BMW i4 M50, Driving
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From: Marcus Effler

The large number of parties interested in the BMW i4 also surprised Munich residents themselves. So they want to shorten the delivery time.

MUNICH – Where are they, the self-proclaimed hunters of Tesla’s supermodels? Most electric vehicles come in the form of long-legged SUVs, as Americans’ stylish sedans have run almost uncompetitively until now. Expensive exceptions confirm the rule: Porsche Taycan successfully attacks the Tesla Model S, and Mercedes has a convincing luxury electric sedan in its lineup with the EQS.

The sports car with a compact battery, which also competes with the popular Tesla Model 3, was previously missing from the lineup of traditional car brands. BMW has now put this on its wheels with its i4 sedan coupe – and in doing so it delivers on the promise of “ultimate driving pleasure” electrically as well. The top-end i4 M50 with 544 hp and a low center of gravity works roughly the level of internal combustion of the M3 and M4 athletes. (BMW iX in the test: is the best electric SUV ever to drive here?)

BMW i4 in pursuit of Tesla: demand stuns even the manufacturer

Apparently, many BMW fans were in fact waiting for such a Stromer – and possibly some former drivers from other brands. The social media wrench around design doesn’t seem to impress the paying customers either.

BMW i4 M50, Driving
Electric athletes on the road to success: the BMW i4 M50 © Fabian Kirchbauer / BMW

As the Munich-based company is surprised by the rush to the E variant of the 4 Series Gran Coupe: “Demand is higher than expected,” says the manufacturer. Given the five-digit number of requests received so far, this appears cautious. (BMW iX3 with a face-lift: finally visually an electric car)

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BMW i4 on the hunt for Tesla: Extraordinarily long delivery times

At the moment, managers are frantically thinking about how to satisfy interest in the electrified volume model. Buyers now have to wait until at least summer and possibly until fall next year to get their hands on the i4. Given the long waiting times of new cars today, this doesn’t seem unusual at first – but BMW in particular takes pride in its ability to deliver reasonably fast and has so far mastered the chip crunch with only a slight wound. (BMW without a touch screen: the consequences of a lack of chips are more and more serious)

BMW i4 on Tesla chase: Saturday shifts supposed to help

BMW makes around 1,000 Series 3 and 4 cars every day at its main plant in Munich, including the i4. Now additional shifts are supposed to reduce demand backlog. Negotiations are underway with the Works Council over production on Saturday, in addition to the two shifts from Monday to Friday. Gentle pressure on the workforce: If necessary, a four-door electric coupe could also be built at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico, where the 3 Series is also rolling off the production line.


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