Chelsea win their ride
The Globe celebrates the arrival of the Liverpool icon

Two German coaches celebrate Premier League victories: J டுrgen Klopps FC Liverpool’s minimal success in the guest appearance of club icon Steven Gerrard while Thomas Duchess was part of a scene with Chelsea FC.

German coach Jர்கrgen Klopp with Liverpool FC and Thomas Duchess with Chelsea FC are close to Manchester City, the leaders in the English Premier League. The Reds won 1-0 (0-0) against Aston Villa, coached by Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard. Chelsea beat Leeds United 3-2 (1-1) on penalties in extra time.

Weak and bad at Anfield first half and after a few pushes during the break, Liverpool increased the pressure after the break and became increasingly dangerous. But against deep-seated guests, the Globe-Elf needed a penalty to take the lead. The man, who was fouled by a penalty spot in the 67th minute, attacked himself after Tyrone Mings knocked down Liverpool star striker Mohamed Salah.

Globe welcomed Gerrard, who made him a youth coach at Liverpool in 2017, thus welcoming the start of his coaching career with big words before the game. When asked if Gerrard, the coach of the traditional club, could one day come after him, Klopp replied, “Yes, I think so.” “Everything Stevie has dealt with so far is going well and going in the absolutely right direction,” explains the former Mines resident.

Chelsea – DFB experts Antonio Rudiger, Guy Howard and Timo Werner – Rafinha (28th) early in the opening XI trailed behind Stamford Bridge in London. Mason Mount (42.) and Jorgino (58.) turned the game around with a penalty kick. Meanwhile, Joe Gellhart (83) equalized for Leeds. When everything turned out to be a draw, Chelsea were awarded another penalty which was converted back by Jorgenho (90 + 4).

With their short wins, Liverpool and Chelsea leaders have teamed up with Man City. The football champion has previously beaten Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 (0-0) and is leading the Premier League table with 38 points after 16 days. Liverpool FC are second with 37 points. Tucson’s Chelsea are third on the list with 36 points.

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