News from December 11, 2021

by Wolfgang Rabsch

There were already shining children’s eyes in front of the town hall in Ransbach-Bumbach, because children could look forward to one of the most famous fairy tales from the collection of Chinese oriental stories “Fairy Tales from 1001 Nights”: “Aladin and the Magic Lamp”.

Enchanted Aladdin Ransbach-Bumbach. (Photo: Wolfgang Rabusch)

Ransbach Bombach. In the 18th century, the story Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, originally written by Antoine Galland in 1712, was rewritten, adapted and updated because it originally looked too bleak. In this version, he also appeared on stage at Ransbach-Baumbach as a musical adaptation.

After all visitors, whether old or young, were subjected to strict entry controls, the town hall gradually filled up. Not everything was sold, but there was still a good attendance, the children, often accompanied by their parents and grandparents, waited for the moment when the curtain opened on the big stage. The design of the theater was already received enthusiastically. Mysterious decorations, supplemented with a variety of colors, created a wonderful and colorful scene. The stage design was complemented by colorful and ever-changing lighting, creating an impressive overall picture.

Aladdin story
Aladdin, a simple street boy, gets acquainted with Princess Jasmine, who is trying by all means to protect her people from the evil wizard Jafar. With the help of the mysterious mythical magic lamp, Jafar wants to chase the Sultan away in order to gain power himself. With the help of Aladdin, he tries to get the magic lamp, but the plan fails because Aladdin is stuck in a cave looking for the lamp. In search of a way out, he discovers the secret of the magic lamp. In addition, Aladdin frees the Great Genie, which he soon wins as a friend. Ginny seems to be able to quickly solve Aladdin’s problems, because with the magic lamp, Aladdin now has three wishes. But Jafar does not give up so easily, who, through intrigue and deception, repeatedly tries to eliminate the Sultan. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine have since fallen in love, but the evil Jafar wants Jasmine to be his wife when he becomes a sultan. The battle rages back and forth between the Sultan and Jafar before the latter vanishes forever into a cloud of smoke with a last wish through the magic lamp. Now nothing stands in the way of the happiness of Aladdin and young Jasmine and the story ends with a happy ending. With the Sultan’s blessing, Aladdin and Jasmine can now declare their love.

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So much for the story, which was well received by young and old, which was repeatedly shown with applause from the scene. The entire band presented themselves at their best. Vocal intervals, whether single or polyphonic, sounded very interesting ?? Sometimes, fast-paced, dramatic, then romantic again. In this way, all emotional realms were also represented aloud. Excellent choreography was completed, the actors roared and jumped across the stage with great ease and then came together again to form a group. Even artistic breaks can be admired. For the little ones, it was always so much fun when the actors built slapstick and snarling into their actions, for example stumbling or messing around while singing or talking.

The entire musical is designed as family fun. All that can be said about this is: the mission is fully accomplished. An easy story that had only one thing in mind, which was to bring pre-Christmas mood and joy to all visitors in these turbulent times. Whether it was the many impressions the actors left on the stage regarding the great stage design, the little ones at home will have a lot to tell those who stayed at home.

Endless applause for the team who?? Liberi?? It was the best Christmas gift.

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