Home entertainment Oliver Bucher defeated the rapper on the sidelines of a boxing match

Oliver Bucher defeated the rapper on the sidelines of a boxing match


Incredible scene on Saturday evening in Dortmund-Westfalenhaal on the sidelines of a big boxing evening. Comedian Oliver Bucher, 44, was sitting in the front row when he was suddenly slapped in the face. Ex-football coach Christoph Daum, 68, and BILD editor-in-chief Klaus Struns, 55, who were sitting next to Bucher, are in shock.

Oliver Bucher is depressed – Christophe Domme was sitting next to him

The culprit is the “Fat Comedy” rapper and comedian, who filmed the scene for publicity and then put it on the Internet. He commented on the clip, “Because you have such an ugly character, like humiliating people, support the people who claim they were raped, even though it’s not true – I’m very happy to accept the ad.” Currently disabled.

Boucher’s wife, Amira (29), who is currently participating in RTL’s “Let’s Dance”, talks on Instagram about the amazing incident. “Last night some unemployed teenage wannabe wannabe rapper slapped my husband in the face, but that was fine. It was filmed and uploaded, of course, sent to people, and tied up so you could be seen.” The exact background to the scandal is unclear.

Attacking the completely unsuspecting Oliver Bucher in the boxing ring

The video shows how Pocher talks to Strunz and Daum as the attacker slowly moves in his direction, piles in front of Pocher and hits with all his might. The shocked comedian jumps in, turns away himself, and asks the attacker to come over and announce an offer. folder goes between. Then the video stops.

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Bucher wanted to see his friend Felix Sturm (43) boxing in Dortmund, but lost to Hungarian Istvan Seely (39) and may end his career now.