Five months after the announcement of the pregnancy, the baby is here. The second baby boy was born a few days before Ona Nechitti. Now the family is complete.

Photo series with 14 pictures

Eric Clan and Ona Neccity announced their pregnancy in October with photos of the romantic couple. For a short series of films featuring a baby bump dancer, she wrote that she and her partner were able to experience “the greatest miracle of life” for the second time. “Our family will be complete soon and our Nikki will soon become a big brother.” You can see the photos here.

“We became parents again”

Five months later, the baby was born, and Nikki had a big brother. Eric Klan has now revealed this on the joint podcast “Dance Otter Nist At All”. “Guys, I wanted to announce: we’re parents again, Ona and I,” the 34-year-old said. Both are “Super Mega Happy”.

Ona Nechitti is mentioned in the new episode of the podcast of professional dancer Gale Calais. “Damn, you ‘ve changed a lot,” Clan jokes at the beginning of the episode. Laughing that he had a baby of his own two days ago, Kalai replied: “I do not know if you all know that, but when you have a baby, you change a lot.”

Liam was born on March 23rd

The former “Let’s Dance” professional dancer reveals that his girlfriend has given birth to a son again. The little baby goes by the name Liam and was born on March 23rd. Erich Klan and Ona Neccity have been in a relationship for more than twelve years and have been engaged for about eight years. The two are not yet married.

For many, they are the dream couple of “Let’s Dance”. Eric Clan danced for the first time as a professional dancer on the RDL show in 2011. Ona Nechitti joined two years later. In 2019, the 34-year-old devoted more time to her son. Two years later her partner followed.


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