Developer Iron Lung has announced the release of the Souls-like Alterborn for next year.

Alterborn is a third-person shooter that takes you to a dark and lawless world. As Alterborn, one of the last surviving survivors, you embark on a perilous journey as you roam a vast and exotic wasteland, revealing all of its secrets along the way.

The developers promise a unique mix of different genres like Soul Slick, Rogue Lite and Shooter. Regardless, you can look forward to arcade skills designed to wreak untold havoc.

That’s why she says: “Create your own experience with a flexible level of difficulty that can be adjusted through game mechanics rather than an artificial slider. So every type of player gets their money, because the challenge is tailored to them. We also have some unique content for dedicated players.”

By the way, your actions will affect the world around you. This will give you a different experience each time you dive into the Shattered Lands.

You can view the announcement announcement here:

There is no exact release date yet.

about this connection It takes you to the official website of the game.

You can find more news, information and videos about the Action here.

This is what we believe:
The genre mix certainly sounds exciting. We’re excited to see if it’s really fun.

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