The star, Lutz, lost 42 kilograms from her

The “Wanted Stepmother” star Lutz lost 42 kilos within a year. The reality TV participant, who has been searching for the woman of dreams with his wife Stubbs for years for his son Ingo, announced this on his Facebook page.

In fact, this may be positive news for Lutz, who is overweight thus far, especially since his wife Birgit, who is called Stups, also wrote on Facebook: “I’m so proud.” However, some fans are slightly suspicious of a sentence in the message. Stups also writes: “He lost 42 kilograms in one year due to his illness.”

That means COPD, a serious lung disease that Lutz – like his son Ingo – has had for years. Talk to RTL 2 years ago about The disease causes him to panic at night. He is afraid of “choking”. That is why he sleeps at night with a respirator that supplies him with oxygen.

But there’s also fan praise and encouragement for Lutz. There are many comments under the couple’s post, such as “you look great”, “respect and congratulations” and “great job”. Above all, though, his many fans wish him all the best and continued health – something Lutz could certainly put to good use.

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