Bayern legend Franck Ribery before returning to the well-known league?

Bayern legend Franck Ribery before returning to the well-known league?

Franck Ribery is currently under contract with Italian Serie A club Salernitana – but that could soon change. According to the latest media reports, two clubs from the Turkish Super League are interested in the former Bayern star.

Will Bayern legend Franck Ribery change his team in the current winter transfer window? According to information from “Foot Mercato” Kasimpaşa and Fatih Karagomruk have been competing for the Bayern Munich professional team for a long time. Accordingly, both clubs targeted the 38-year-old for the immediate transfer. The contract in Italy expires next summer, but if they remain in the league there is an option to extend it for another season. So far, Ribery has made assists in twelve league matches.

Ribery with Turkey’s past

The 38-year-old winger was already under contract with Galatasaray Istanbul in 2005, playing only half a series in the Süper Lig. Will there be a return to Turkey? Ribery hasn’t really been able to get a foothold with US side Salernitana who have been promoted to Serie A so far, which is why the change would make sense from a sporting point of view. However, the two Turkish clubs who are said to be interested in Ribery are also planning a relegation battle.

Thus, the big question is how far Ribery, who has been living in Italy for nearly two years, can imagine moving to Turkey. So far, anything seems possible for the two-time Champions League winner, but given that Ribery has settled in Italy with his family, a sudden move to Turkey seems unlikely.


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