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Pokemon Arceus Legends: All new Pokemon in the leak

Pokemon Arceus Legends: All new Pokemon in the leak
Some of the Pokémon that will debut in “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” or acquire the Hisui skin are already officially known. Now, in the midst of a flurry of information about the game, a complete list has emerged showing the trusted platform Centrolix Posted. Besides, you can complete The fourth generation lineup of the original Sinnoh games, as well as capturing the powers of nature as an additional Legendary Pokémon. Hisui Dex thus includes 242 Pokémon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – All New Pokemon

Leaks from the “HOME” mass storage system are not currently available in German. Therefore, we are listing the monsters leaked with their English names, if they are not just regional forms of an already known Pokémon. Here are all the new Pokémon in “Pokémon Legends: Arceus”:

New Pokemon:

  • dimether (normal, psychological)
  • Salmagnes (water, spirit)
  • Accenture (insect, rock)
  • Overqwill (Unlicht, gift)
  • Sneasler (poison, fight)
  • Ursaluna (normal, ground)
  • Enamorus (incarnation form)And Enamorus (animal spirit form) (fee, Flug)
  • Dialja (Lord) (steel, dragon)
  • Balea (Lord) (water, dragon)

Hisui formin:

  • Silvero (plant, fight)
  • Tornobo (soul of fire)
  • Admurai (water, dark)
  • VoltobalAnd Electrobel (electricity, factory)
  • the earthAnd zoroark (normal, ghost)
  • and shackwell (psychic journey)
  • FukanooAnd corners (fire, rock)
  • Baldorfish (Unlicht, gift)
  • sniebel (poison, fight)
  • Dressella (plant, fight)
  • rascal bar (water)
  • North Pole (ice, rock)
  • ViscargotAnd Viscogon (dragon and steel)
New Pokemon stats can be found here here, their special abilities below this link.

Leaks in attacks, status and story effects

“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” will be released on January 28, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and wants to revolutionize the Pokémon franchise – with leaks giving a first glimpse into how deep the changes really are. According to the leaked information, Pokémon no longer permanently learn moves, instead attacks happen at any time. interchangeable. Many attacks are no longer included in the game because the developer had to create a completely new animation for the new game concept: from everything 850 Pokemon attacks are only available in “Arceus”. 180, included 25 new arrivals.
Frostburn and Drowsy replace Frozen and Sleep state effects, plus Many Another new condition and weather effects. The opposing coaches now have one numerical advantage, when you play against you in doubles. The game also introduces many new items, including one opposing, which allows the monster – most likely Arceus – to absorb all kinds of Pokémon. In the event that you do not want to wait any longer for the story of “Arceus”, you will find here Abstract. Pull your bag straps on a road trip through ancient Snoah!

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