Home Economy Yard Force® NX Series: Powerful robotic lawn mowers for a beautiful garden

Yard Force® NX Series: Powerful robotic lawn mowers for a beautiful garden

Yard Force® NX Series: Powerful robotic lawn mowers for a beautiful garden

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Willisch, Germany, March 27, 2022 (Reuters) /PRNewswire/

With them, lawn mowers are becoming a thing of the past: robotic lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular. The NX Series machines from the manufacturer Yard Force® are the ideal assistants for flawless lawn mowing and healthy lawn.

Beautiful lawn all year round with minimal effort: Yard Force® NX Series robotic lawn mowers take care of mowing lawns large and small, reliably looking after the lawn and helping it grow healthy. Because by keeping it short constantly, the grass can germinate more intensely and the chance of weeds is less. This saves time and effort.

The NX series robotic lawn mowers are equipped with powerful brushless motors that are reliable, maintenance-free and quiet. Mow-on-Demand technology reduces power and adjusts cutting performance while cutting. With a 28V lithium-ion battery with 2.0 to 2.9 Ah, cutting width of 180mm and cutting height of 20 to 60mm, the NX series robotic lawn mowers keep your lawn clean and tidy.

The NX series motorized lawn mowers are available in three versions: the NX 60i mows up to 600 square metres, the NX 80i creates lawns up to 800 square metres, and the NX 100i reliably mows up to 1,000 square metres. All devices in the NX series have WiFi connectivity and can be easily controlled via a smartphone app. Automated lawn mowers are safe on the road, because ultrasonic radar sensors detect obstacles at an early stage, and tilt sensors, lift sensors, tilt sensors and collision sensors provide additional protection. Thanks to the rain sensors, the robotic lawn mower returns to the charging station when it rains and continues to operate only when the weather is dry. The NX80i and NX100i models also have multi-zone programming to mow different areas of the lawn at different levels of intensity.

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Setting up NX robotic lawn mowers is quick and easy, too. In just a few steps, your Yard Force® NX robotic lawn mowers are ready for use in the garden.

About Yard Force Yard Force® is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric, gasoline and battery powered garden tools and high pressure cleaners, headquartered in Willich in the Lower Rhine region. Yard Force®’s broad range of products is used by both recreational gardeners and professional landscaping companies.

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