Home Economy DHDL’s Wavewinder: What can a styling tool do?

DHDL’s Wavewinder: What can a styling tool do?

DHDL’s Wavewinder: What can a styling tool do?

Perfect beachy waves without annoying styling in the morning – this is what “Wavewinder” promises to master stylist Milko Grieger, with which he wants to score points in his founding “Die Höhle der Löwen”. This is a tool designed to permanently set the mane in natural waves. But can a trichologist really convince black people to solve his problem, and what is the difference between his invention and the traditional standing wave? STYLEBOOK continued.

A German hairdresser invented the perm system more than 100 years ago, and Melko Greger believes he has taken this process to a new level. Solve the problem of his hairstyle, the so-called “WefenderFreelance hairdresser filed for DHDL May 31. Offer: € 150,000 for a 15 percent stake in budding hairdresser. Does a lion bite?

What is behind “Wavewinder” DHDL?

Melco Greger knows from his experience as a hairdresser: Hair is naturally wavy and will always be a must-have. So far, always create the trendy beach wave look with a curling iron or flat iron – a rather time consuming task. With the continuous design of Wavewinder it should be a thing of the past, instead waves form permanently, just as they are with the standing wave. “The procedure as such is the same, only the shape or the tool is different,” Grieger explains in an interview with STYLEBOOK. Unlike the classic standing wave, Wavewinder does not anchor hair in a spiral form, but in a soft 3D wave form.

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The Standing Wave Principle Has Been Applied In A New Form – Is It Really Innovative? Yes, as our hairdresser explains. “Since the invention of the standing wave in 1907, there has been no further development in tools. The curlers have sometimes been smaller or larger, but up until now they have always been wrapped around a radius.” As a result, after applying the standing wave fluid and fixing agent , Spiral curl has always been created, ‘Wavewinder’ shape, on the other hand wants to create beachy waves that will stay permanent.

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Melco Greger with
Instead of round curlers, Wavewinder uses a wavy shape to shape the hairPhoto: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Advantages of standing wave

“The client can decide anew every day whether or not to wear waves. The fact that the shape is so natural makes it easy to dry it smoothly. But if you rub moisture into your hair again, the waves come back,” says the master stylist. Another advantage: the growth of the DHDL “Wavewinder” should not be as annoying as it is with the standing wave, simply because the difference between the smooth style and the soft fake waves is not as severe as with the conventional wave perm. A trichologist knows that it “grows finer”.

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How harmful is Wavewinder DHDL to hair?

It is well known that the permanent wave process is not a cakewalk for the hair, it is a chemical process in which disulfide bridges in the hair are broken down and permanently reshaped – it sounds cumbersome, it is. Therefore, only trained professionals should perform curl treatment. The same is true for Wavewinder. According to Grieger, it’s a little gentler on hair than the traditional alternative, because the hair isn’t under as much pressure as it is with the standing wave due to a lack of curlers – but the guy still struggles with the fluids used. That’s not the only reason why Wavewinder is also a “100 percent hairdresser’s exclusive product,” which even a professional salon might use only after special training, Grieger explains. So it’s nothing for home use!


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