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Large depot of Hamburg fire brigade and police in the Formbeg-Chad district: A house exploded early Monday morning. One person was killed in the process.

The building at Hamburger Strauss, where various businesses use their offices, was badly damaged. A large part of the roof was destroyed and debris lay around. One person was taken out of the home by rescue workers after the explosion and taken to hospital. There he died of serious injuries. About 100 firefighters were on duty to put out the fire. The post-shutdown task lasted for hours.

There was no other person in the rubble

The assumption that there was another person in the rubble was not confirmed this afternoon. According to the fire brigade, the detection dogs first attacked the rubble of the building at noon, but it was a mistake. The dog also sensed other firefighters in the building. This was tested by a second dog.

The cause of the explosion is not yet clear

After an explosion, smoke billows from a building in Hamburg-Barbecue.  © Image Alliance / dpa Photo: Image Alliance / dpa /

Large clouds of smoke can be seen on top of the building after the eruption in Barbecue.

Police said the blast occurred around 4:30 p.m. Residents heard loud noises. After the explosion they felt a wave of shock. The cause of the explosion is not yet clear. According to the police, investigations are in all directions.

Blocking the underground line 3

Hamburger Strauss closed due to shutdown and cleanup operations. In addition, Hotchpan announced on Twitter that Tunnel Route 3 between Mundberg and Forbes was not running. The closure of the division lasted all Monday and Tuesday. Alternative bus service is set up.

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