This is what the future of the Jesens daughters will look like

The eldest daughter of Robert and Carmen Gies has just come of age. The future of Davina and her sister Shania seems certain.

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Last Sunday, Carmen Jess congratulated her daughter Davina on Instagram on her 18th birthday. Among other things, she wrote about a collage with old pictures of babies and children: “Health and love accompany you, and you will always be respectful of others and know who you look like!”

Who shaped it is not only known by Davina herself, but also known by an audience of millions. While Carmen and Robert Jess have tended to leave their children at home in the past, they have long been a part of their travels and, like their parents, fly a jet plane in front of the cameras.

In an interview with Bild, 56-year-old mother Carmen revealed to what extent parents’ lives have affected their children’s lives. Because Davina, who has come of age, and her 16-year-old sister Shania are already making plans for their future lives and that depends a lot on the lives of mom and dad.

“One of them wants to take over the commercial activity and the other wants to take charge of the series.”

“One wants to take over, and the other wants to take over,” Carmen explains in the interview. “Davina wants to sell fashion and real estate. Shania is modeling and also on TV. So there is definitely something of us in it.” Davina is already promoting her first fashion collection on Instagram.

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The two daughters also want to participate in a very special entertainment show: “Let’s Dance”. When her mom got involved there in 2014, Shania and Daphina were there, and they watched their mom’s dance shows live in the studio and they seem to like him a lot.


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