Today, International Women’s Day, Apple honors the female developer community.

In Germany, three applications are particularly highlighted: Ovy, Attentiv and Equalista. The store’s editorial team will be highlighting other examples of apps by European founders later today as part of the Made by Women feature.

Ovy: Hormone-Free Contraceptive App

Ovy is an app for the women’s health startup of the same name, founded in 2016, whose founders Lina Wüller and Eva Leonhardt can also be seen in the photo below.

The app aims to provide women with a simple and safe alternative to hormonal contraceptives and also to support them in their desire to have children. The app works with the basic Ovy Bluetooth thermometer to regulate pregnancy without hormones.

Ovy |  Your course medicine app

The second application presented is the Attentive Productivity Tool. Helps develop healthy smartphone habits. In 16 exercises, users learn why we are so easily distracted from our smartphones and what helps prevent this. The company behind it was created by founder Kerstin Schmidtmann.

Mindfulness - Screen Time

Health and fitness


Equality: for more social justice

Finally, with the introduction of Equalista, Apple focuses on gender equality and social justice. Equalista accompanies users on a journey towards a freer and more equal life for all. It was launched by two sisters in 2021 and is becoming increasingly popular

Equality - Gender Equality

International Women’s Day: More apps recommended by Apple

pregnancy app |  Kelia

Health and fitness


KptnCook Recipes & Cooking

to eat and drink


NoteCircle - To Do List
Momunity - mothers and pregnant women
Recipes Cooking Kitchen Stories

to eat and drink


MOVE IT MAMA - Mama Workouts

Health and fitness


Photo: Apple / Ovy

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