The new BMW Gran Coupé starts in November

Munich (dpa / tmn) – BMW is expanding its model range in the middle class, and therefore is returning the second generation of the 4 Series to the Gran Coupé. The manufacturer said the four-door sedan with a tilting rear will go on sale in November and will cost at least 45,800 euros.

The Gran Coupe is 4.78 meters long, about the same length as the Coupe and Cabrio, and has two additional doors and a new roofline. In addition to the introduction of backbenchers, it also improves the volume of the luggage compartment. So, behind the hood, which arrives only under the rear window, 470 liters fit, and it can be increased up to 1290 liters.

Under the hood were initially three petrol engines, including the first M Performance model, as well as a diesel engine. All engines are designed as mild hybrids. For the gasoline engine, BMW gives values ​​​​from 135 kW / 184 hp to 275 kW / 374 hp. For diesel, there is 140 kW / 140 hp and a choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. With petrol engines, the M Performance engine has all-wheel drive as standard.

According to BMW, the Gran Coupé achieves top speeds of between 235 and 250 km/h and record consumption values ​​between 4.8 liters of diesel and 8.5 liters of gasoline (126 to 193 g/km of CO2).

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