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A talk show legend back to German TV! Arabella Kiesbauer (52 years old) was an integral part of German television at the end of the 1990s. From 1994 to 2004 she was a talk show host on Pro7, achieving a cult status with her own show “Arabella”. Now the presenter is back and gets two new offers!

By Bernd Peters

Starting in the fall of 2021, it will host two true crime shows on special interest TLC titled “Arabellas Crime Time”: “Arabellas Crime Time – Crime in Sight” and “Arabellas Crime Time – Chaos in the court.”

In a BILD interview, the famous presenter talks about her comeback and her new show and also reveals her worst “crime”!

What are the shows about?

According to TLC, “Arabellas Crime Time” will be about criminal cases that have gone viral. Not only will the original recordings of the crimes be shown, but the goal is to discuss the “dramatic stories behind the horrific events”.

The second figure is titled “The Time of the Arabellas Crime – Chaos before the Court” and occasionally deals with hair-raising incidents in American courtrooms. TLC declared that in both programs, Kiesbauer should act as a “communication element” between witness reports, original recordings, and classification of events.

picture: What do you expect from performances?

Arabella Kissbauer: “I am very happy to be back on German television after such a long time. The fact that TLC has indulged my passion for true crime stories through its two programs is of course a stroke of luck.”

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picture: What do you associate with the “True Crime” format?

Arabella Kissbauer: In real criminal cases, shock and magic go hand in hand. We don’t just use great photos from surveillance cameras, but we also research the stories behind them. I love that suspense — but sometimes I just leave the lights on at night.”

picture: What is the worst crime you have committed yourself?

Arabella Kissbauer: “Many years ago I snuck into a custom event without a ticket – I still feel sorry for that day. The entrance fee would have gone to the AIDS Foundation. I made up for that failure later with a donation and several volunteer appearances.”

picture: Do you miss your big talk show in Germany?

Arabella Kissbauer: “I look back fondly at the time of the talk show and am so grateful that so many guests have been able to answer questions on all life topics for ten years. This experience is also useful to me in my current projects such as the cast of Starmania, Bauer sucht Frau or a series “Arabellas Crime Time” on TLC.

TLC can be freely received via satellite, cable and IPTV.


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