The flow of American young hope has stopped: 17-year-old Corey “Coco” Kauf missed out on his first Grand Slam semifinal. At the French Open, she lost to Barbora Kryzhokova in the top eight 6: 7, 3: 6.

For the 25-year-old Czech, who now faces the victory of the fight between Maria Zachary and Ika ą Wisetek in the semifinals, it will be his first appearance in the quarter-finals of a major tournament. Kauf, despite his young age, is already attending his seventh Grand Slam.

The match really started well for Kaf. Meanwhile she was 3: 0, 5: 3 and 6: 4 on the tiebreaker but could not use the opportunities. Krezkova blocked five sets of balls and Kauf brought home the first set loss of the match.

Kauf received a warning

Kauf now often stands completely with him and gets more and more angry about his game. After losing a service game, he smashed his cheat in anger and received a warning from the referee.

Anyone who had already written the coffee by this time would have been almost better taught. Because at the end of the match her nerve strength returned.

She was able to block five match points. Instead of going down 0: 6 in the second set, Kauf fought his way up to 3: 5. But then Krezkova was unable to pick up a sixth match point.

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