Jonas Hector - this is how the extraordinary bearer of hope swings in Cologne

Jonas presumed to save Hector 1. FC Cullen from a second leg landing at Holstein Kiel. Captain Billy the Goats is one of FC’s few hopes. introduces one of the most unusual professional soccer players.

For Jonas Hector, football is not entertainment. This is where the 31-year-old differs radically from some of the brightest footballers, who are attracting more interest in their plush clothing, flashy cars, ever-changing relationships and their muscular body images than an honest performance on the soccer field. For Hector, football is hard work, a passion, yes, but above all a serious career.

Anyone who, in Hector’s view, deals with this profession indifferently, at least feels unhappy. Antagonists, Referees, Fellows and Cheerleaders: Hector is no exception. Some of the coaches in Cologne even have stories to tell about Hector’s tricky answers, which no other player should have allowed himself to be the head coach.

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He avoids social media and lengthy interviews

Hector feels comfortable with his teammates. On the other hand, anything public is anathema to Saarlanders. It avoids social networks. He avoids longer interviews. Press conferences or photo shoots fulfilled his idea of ​​annihilation to Hell. He openly shows his contempt for journalists.

Jonas Hector looks disappointed: captain of Cologne after the 4: 1 defeat to Freiburg in early May.  (Source: Imago Images / Fine Sports / Wunderl / Poolfoto)Jonas Hector looks disappointed: captain of Cologne after the 4: 1 defeat to Freiburg in early May. (Source: Beautiful Sports / Wunderl / Poolfoto / imago Images)

And when a poorly prepared field reporter asks the 31-year-old after defeating to go on touchdown quests meant only for entertainment, Hector breaks the hat. “Leave some steam here!” Or “How empty do you feel?” Not questions one should ask player and character Hector. Every journalist in Cologne has known this for a long time from their own experience. “Always these mysterious questions” was no surprise Wednesday evening after 1. FC Cologne went 0-1 against Holstein Kiel. “It’s your job to ask stupid questions. You’re good at that.”

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If anything, the reporter had to ask the weary FC captain about specific game situations. After his goal the referee denied Zoer. After the red foul on the Ondrej Duda. After the tactical difficulties Holstein Kiel brought to FC FC. But these questions are not very entertaining for some TV reporters, although many fans would have liked to hear the answers to exactly these questions. So Hector was also the victim of a shallow conversation on Wednesday evening. The moment he was wishing the serious press about something extremely dangerous for him – and many FC FC fans -: the battle of the Bundesliga.

Jonas Hector turned 31 the day after the first leg. He couldn’t really look forward to his birthday. Fears relegation for the third time with 1. FC Köln. The former national player has been playing with the Bili Goat for eleven years and has already seen two relegations and promotions, entering the European League and his path to the national team and a total of 43 international matches including participation in the European Cup and World Cup. .

Jonas Hector and Fredhelm Funkel hug: After the final whistle against Augsburg, there was a reason to be happy.  (Source: Imago Images / Paul Photo / Marcel Engelbrecht / Ferro)Jonas Hector and Fredhelm Funkel hug: After the final whistle against Augsburg, there was a reason to be happy. (Source: Poolfoto / Marcel Engelbrecht / firo / imago Pictures)

The undisputed leader

He is already a legend in the football club and he will remain so when his contract expires in 2023. Then Hector really wants to play in the German Bundesliga, because anything else would conflict with his colossal ambition.

For that, Hector will do it all again on Saturday evening. For the second leg at Holstein Kiel, you’ll also rely on the midfielder. Off the field, Hector can be offended, stunned, and sometimes disrespectful. However, on the field, the former SV Auersmacher striker is the undisputed captain and captain who doesn’t even need a bandage on his arm.

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Without him, 1. FC Colin would have relegated. Cologne’s sporting director Horst Heldt once said he wanted a whole lineup of players like Jonas Hector. Then the matches after matches will be cooler – but 1. FC Köln will be much better.

Mark L. establish GEISSBLOG.KOELN. The independent online newspaper informs 1. FC Köln fans about everything related to Billy Goats. Merten studied journalism in Friborg and then worked as a sports editor for He later wrote about TSV 1860 for the Munich Evening newspaper before returning to his hometown of Cologne for GEISSBLOG.


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